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British School Head Welcome Message

On behalf of everyone at the Innovation International Schools I welcome you to the Schools. It is an honour for me to have this opportunity as the Principal of IIS to give you an insight to our school.
The school has a well-qualified staff whose aim is to ensure that every student achieves more than they thought possible, and is equipped for life in the 21st century.
This is what makes our school unique. Once you enter the school, you will immediately feel the friendly, warm and caring atmosphere.
Our teachers respond to every student's strengths, as well as areas of development to ensure that they can overcome every challenge and help them to recognize their full potential. We nurture essential skills to equip children to succeed in all aspects of their formative years. We are working to ensure all students remain engaged and challenged and learn to experience joy in learning.
For us, academic success is just the beginning. Our school nurtures student talents so that they can succeed in every aspect of their education, from math to sports, arts, languages and technology. We encourage every student to love learning, to try something new and, above all, to be creative, innovative and ambitious.
Together we will continue to ensure that each and every student has the best possible start to their lives.
The very best way to find out more about the Innovation International School experience is to visit us, but, in the meantime, I hope our website gives you an insight into both the school itself and the exceptional quality of the education we offer
I look forward to meeting you soon
As the school head, my door is always open and I actively encourage your input.

Dr Mounir Adeeb Shaker,
IIS British School Head

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CPC School Head Welcome Message

I am honored to introduce myself as Mariam Kaleem, I have been working in this field for 43 years.
Thirty years of my professional life was in teaching my beloved students and supervising my teachers as for the other 13 years I was fulfilling my responsibilities as a school headmistress. My vision is to bring up generations with special traits and unique mind sets.
I was able to achieve that through working in several well-known schools in which my academic and professional skills were brought to their potential.
It is my sincere pleasure and honor to become a member of this great school and community.
The collegial partnership between the school faculty, staff, students, parents and the community stakeholders provides a diversity of experience for the students. It is an honor to join Innovation International School family and look forward to working with you to provide the best possible educational program for our students.

Mariam Kaleem
CPC Head master

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