Our Facilities

IIS is designed to accommodate all curriculum needs and student personality building needs.
Our school features spacious play areas, multi-purpose courts and a football field, multipurpose room, multimedia, theater, Gym and, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

IIS adopting SchoolEveryWhere as theirSchool Life System

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SchoolEveryWhere, The only School management and communication system working for more than 16 years is now the authorized online school life system for Innovation International School.
We at SchoolEveryWhere, are proud to be chosen as IIS' fully school life management and communication system, we are sure that partnering with such innovative management will add a lot to our 16 years of experience.
In SchoolEveryWhere,, pedagogy and technology work together in harmony to help managers, admins, parents, teachers and learners unlock their full potential.
SchoolEveryWhere, is a massive web based school life system. It is more than just another technology solution - it is an educational system that will improve the way school is managed.
A complete School Solution that facilitate and enhance your day to day school going attaining beyond your expectations.
SchoolEveryWhere, works with schools' current systems and leverages with existing technology. It tackles the multi-education systems available in today’s education such as the American, British, National, etc.
It centralizes the mountains of data to learning and automates routing administrative functions. SchoolEveryWhere, available default languages are Arabic, English, French and German, yet, capable of adding other languages if needed from language section in the Administration Module.
The system has education's most flexible and interactive scheduling function, thus meeting the communication and information needs of the entire school community in real time.
Moreover, it tailored as friendly user.
SchoolEveryWhere, is the total management system imagined: the first truly scalable, web-based School Management package with the power to revolutionize the way that schools are run.


Spacious and well ventilated classrooms usually cater between 15 and 20 students. In the frame of implementing of a student-centered approach, classes are equipped by comprehensive set of resources that includes interactive smart boards, projectors, computers, high speed internet, 3D illustrative tools, to drive 21st century teaching and learning processes.


In an effort to encourage our students to enjoy reading and in order to develop a passion for reading and to acquire 21st century learning skills such as the ability to effectively source and make use of information and ideas, a special attention was devoted to the school library. We have two libraries equipped with learning and teaching resources available for all students as well as sets of reading materials for fun that fits all ages. In addition to electronic library accessed through the student portal interface to facilitate student and parent's access to the school library and all valuable resources while at home.

Sports Facilities

In IIS special attention is devoted to Physical Education to encourage a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.
Students at IIS have access to multipurpose courts and a football court as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
Activities offered include fitness, health education, gymnastics, aerobics, swimming, basketball, volleyball and tennis.
Our physical education teachers and sports tutors are fully qualified, experienced and licensed professionals who provide a high level of coaching.
In addition all the courts, Gymnasiums and swimming pools apply high standards of safety and contain all equipment needed to achieve our goal.
Physical education is taught in encouraging and inclusive environment that fosters sportsmanship and team spirit.

Science Laboratories:

Our School has four Science laboratories well equipped to enhance practical demonstration and experiments for different science branches physics, chemistry and biology.
Our labs follow high safety levels procedures which make them suitable for all learners.

Computer Laboratories:

Each department has access to a computer lab that contains 28 computers.
Computer curriculum is designed to help different aged learners to participate and improve their performance.

Music Room:

Music teachers teach students music note as well as basic rules of different instruments.
School choir and band are well trained to participate in different school events.

Cookery Room:

Well equipped kitchen under supervision of well qualified teachers who help students prepare delicious meals within very clean and safe environment.

School Garden:

Our school prepared specified areas where students plant different plants, follow closely their growth stages, learn valuable information about required growing conditions and notice the differences between different plants in shapes, colours and growth stages.

Art Rooms:

Art teachers have access to rooms that are equipped with different painting materials and tools that they use to inspire their students to appreciate art and be creative in their drawings. Art show will be held to display their creations.

Hand-made products:

Highly qualified teachers demonstrate to students how to create different hand-made products and involve them in the process of making different products made up of crochet, noel, embroidery, beads and buttons.


A 200 m2 fully equipped theater with 130 seats is constructed to meet the needs of our students to present themselves, their ideas and talents, their drama performances and share their hobbies in an enjoyable environment.

Kids play area:

The play area is designed with high safety standards and contains a variety of outdoor play equipment to make our students enjoy their playing time.